lørdag 24. oktober 2015

Finished Object: Seagull Scarf.

I have a weird relationship with seagulls. I both HATE them and love them. Whenever I'm in the city, I despise them. They are loud, dirty, rude and slightly scary. They build nests on the rooftops around the street I need to go through to get home, and they scream all night long. They also steal food. But, when I'm by the sea, they are so beautiful. Peaceful, pretty birds. They belong by the sea. Most of my seaside memories are from a small island off the coast of Norway, called Edøy. My grandmother grew up there, and my grandparents own a lot of land there. They have a summer house on the island, right by the beach, where I've spent most of my childhood summers.

When I saw this scarf over at the "official ccc social group" on facebook (great crochet group, awesome people, always kind and helpful), I knew I had to make one for my grandmother. Here's how it turned out. I also took the liberty to model it.

Size-wise it's more like an albatross than a seagull, but I love how it turned out. It can be worn as both a shawl and a scarf. I personally prefer scarves.

The yarn is a fingering weight cotton yarn, from the danish store "Søstrene Grene". The hook used was 2,5mm hook purchased in the same store. Honestly, I didn't enjoy the hook.
I based the colour choice on what colours I think my grandmother usually wears. My father agreed that she wears alot of earth tone colours, along with black and burgundy, so I think white and brown is okay.

The original pattern by Charlotte at My Upper Penthouse is in Danish, but it's also available in English and German. It's simple to do, if just a little bit monotonous. Adjusting the size should be simple if you want it smaller or bigger, just do less rows of each of the 4 parts, while still maintaining symmetry of course. I.e. make sure part 4 is the same size as part 1.

I haven't told anyone in my family about this blog yet, so I feel quite safe publishing Christmas gifts here, for now. I hope my grandmother will love the scarf as much as I do! :)

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  1. Hi Marit, the scarf looks lovely - simple but classy colors and I hope your grandmother will be happy for her Christmas gift :-)
    Thank you for your visit to my blog.
    Love, Charlotte