tirsdag 1. desember 2015

Leftover yarn

Sorry I haven't been posting anything for a while. If you've read the information on the "About me" page, you'll know I'm a student. So for the past month I've had other priorities than my crochet. It's time for exams! In fact, I had an exam today. I still have 3 more to go before I can fully relax, but tonight, I'm giving myself a break and I have time for an update.
I have done a few simple crochet projects since I last posted, despite all my studying. A few beanies, a headband, a scarf... The most recent project is a snowflake garland that still isn't finished. I crochet one snowflake every time I take a break from reading.

Now, what I really wanted to talk about today is leftover yarn. When I got home this afternoon, I started cleaning up and sorting out all the yarn I had scattered around our apartment, and putting it all in one place. My stash is pretty small compared to some, but turns out I've got more than I thought! I immediately got annoyed by all the little bits and ends, half-skeins and general leftovers from previous projects. I have no idea what to do with those! I threw in some old, but whole skeins of baby merino in hideous colours (leftovers from a baby blanket my mom made some years ago), the pile of "unwanted" or "useless" yarn was this big:

It's a vide variety of mismatching colours, weights, textures and fibres. There's even some camel fiber in there! I was tempted to throw it all away in frustration, but that would be wasteful. I care a lot about the environment, so I definitely wasn't going to throw ANYTHING away. I'm going to make an "ugly blanket". I've seen some around the internet, they are the ultimate scrap buster. Basically, just use ALL leftovers and scraps to make a blanket/afghan. Some actually turn out pretty cool, even though the yarns used have been so different in every possible way. When it's finished, I'll donate it to an organization for homeless people or something similar. I'm sure I'll have even more leftovers by the time it's finished. I still need to decide whether to make a big granny square, like my own afghan, or a stripy rectangular blanket. Feel free to make a suggestion! I don't know when I'll start. Maybe very soon, but it could also be after the holidays. Either way it's going to be an interesting project!

By the way, the rest of my stash, the yarn I don't consider to be leftovers, all fit in this one box. (running shoes european size 42, US size 7 for size comparison)
I don't know if that's good, or kind of sad. Haha. I see so many people posting pictures of shelves and rooms filled with yarn. How much space does your yarn take up? 

How do you make use of your scraps and leftovers? I'd love to hear some ideas :)

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