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Hi there, and welcome to my crochet blog!

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My name is Marit. I'm 22 years old, and I love to crochet!
I'm from Norway and I'm a full-time student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where I'm currently working on my Bachelor degree in Geography, so I sometimes have to put my hook down to read, study for exams and write term papers. After I finish the Bachelor, I'll spend a couple of years on getting a master degree, and when it's all done, I hope to some day work to find ways to help society adapt to the climate change we're all facing.

I occasionally put my hook down for other things as well, like cooking, baking, or spending time with my favorite people. I enjoy good books, movies and TV-series. Some notable favorites are: The Discworld novels, Doctor Who, Suits, The Big Bang Theory, Arrested Development, The Inheritance Cycle, The Night Angel Trilogy... And many more.

So... Why Windflower Crochet?

For weeks, this blog existed only in my mind. I wanted a blog because I've started experimenting a little bit, and not just crocheting from other people's patterns and designs, but making things up as I go along and hopefully write out my own patterns. So I needed a place to publish any patterns I might come up with. But I just couldn't think of a good name for the blog.
I wanted to call it "Auntie M's crochet", because it sounds cute. It would make me sound older than I am, but I am an aunt to two beautiful kids. But, Auntie M was taken.
Then one day I started thinking about my favorite flower, the anemone nemorosa, called "hvitveis" in Norwegian. But I wanted to write the blog in English, so I needed a name that works for an English blog. So I searched to find the English name of the flower. I discovered it has many names; wood anemone, thimbleweed, smell fox and windflower. I particularly liked "Windflower", so I suddenly had my blog name
The windflower is a a very plain-looking flower, but I grew up with many fond memories of this flower. It would blossom in mid-April in my home town, and the woods behind my father's house would be full of them! I often went out to pick a bouquet for my parents, and it's a tradition to always get a handpicked bouquet for my older sister's birthday. This simple flower has a lot of meaning to me.
Me picking windflowers in April 2007

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