søndag 4. oktober 2015

My crochet journey so far.

Yay! Finally time for my first blog post!
I think a good place to start is to tell you how I got here.

I learned how to crochet in October 2011. My mother taught me to chain, single crochet and double crochet, and also how to make a hat and a granny square. I made a practice single crochet pot holder, and then came the beanie, my first real project, here pictured after being worn quite a lot.

The granny square my mom got me started on, didn't stop growing until  about 2 years later. It ended up quite big, and it's now an afghan that I keep on the couch in my livingroom, and cuddle up in every time I'm cold or upset.
Of course I didn't spend 2 years on just this afghan. I took many breaks, and in the mean time, I kept learning different techniques and improving my skill on the internet, where I also discovered amigurumi, the art of making crocheted stuffed animals and dolls. It's so much fun! Don't worry, I'm not going to show you all my finished projects, but here are some of the amigurumis I showered my little brother with: 

The Boo and the Psyduck pattern can both be found over at Wolfdreamer's blog. Stitch's pattern can be found here and the pattern for the monkey doll to the right can be purchased here.

The internet is also the reason why I mostly use English crochet patterns, and why I'm writing this blog in English. Most good crochet websites I found are written in English, so I learned the US crochet terminology, and there are lots of stitches I simply don't know the Norwegian name for. Thanks to the internet, English has become my crochet language. Which is good. Being written in English, this blog can be read by many more people than it could if it was written in Norwegian.

When I moved out of my mother's house to go to university, I didn't crochet for a while, but I picked up the hook again about a year and a half ago, and since then I've hardly put it down. I find crocheting to be very therapeutic, and finishing projects always makes me very happy.

I look forward to sharing my future projects and patterns with you, and I hope you will enjoy reading my blog! :)

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